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Pam Beveridge
15-05-09, 21h00  (Heure de: Quimper)
"Isidore Augustin Floch"
   Pardonnez moi for l'anglais. I was transcribing my grandfather's WWI diary the other day. While en route to France on the Espagne in Oct. 1918, American soldiers in the hold were in horrible conditions with horrible food, headed to they knew not what fate awaited them, mostly young, and most green behind the ears. Topside the conditions were wonderful for the regular customers, who happened to include Mrs. Pankhurst, the British suffragist, and the wife of RR magnate Harriman from the US. A kindly French waiter would slip my grandfather food through a porthole, along with fatherly encouragement. My grandfather was so grateful, that he, thankfully, managed to write this man's full name in his diary, even though it was a tiny thing with cramped writing, and he wasn't supposed to be keeping it at all. This man was Isidore Augustin Floch. I can find many instances of his name in the New York port records as he made many trips back and forth working on the Espagne and Rochambeau. But nothing else. Googling, I found a reference to an Isidore Floch on your website back in 1997. The poster's email address no longer works. The poster said their grandfather was Isidore Floch born in 1881 in Landivisiau. The birthdate fits. They also mentioned he died in New York. I would like to contact this man's relatives to tell them of M. Floch's kindness and impact on my grandfather, who was not much more than a boy from an island in downeast Maine, USA, across from Franklin Delano Roosevelt's beloved Campobello in Canada. If need be, I can compose in French, thanks to tv5monde and the fact that Maine is of approx. 40% French extraction! (And my mother has a B&B about 10 miles as the crow flies from Champlain's first settlement in North America at Isle St. Croix, 1604.) Hopefully this message will spark something in the memory of one of your readers. Merci, Pam Beveridge, Maine, USA.

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